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Does my community need an infringement Festival?

Odds are, yes. If your city or community suffers from any type of oppression, monoculture, apathy, or boredom, an infringement festival could provide inspiration and amusement – and help raise awareness for positive social change and global justice.

What is an infringement Festival, anyways?

The infringement is a democratically run, non-hierarchical interdisciplinary arts festival open to all critical artists – theatre, music, film, street performance, visual arts, you name it.

The infringement will never discriminate, censor or charge a registration fee and only accepts ethical sponsors that pose no conflict of interest.

It began in Montreal in 2004 and has since spread to Ottawa, Toronto, Buffalo, Regina, New York City and Bordeaux, France, with new communities hopefully joining very soon.

How do I start an infringement Festival?

If you’re interested in getting an infringement festival going in your community, please print and hand out our guide to potential collaborators:

Does Your Community Need an infringement Festival? (PDF) 

*Please note, a more detailed version is in the works

If you have any questions, please contact us at