The infringement Festival is an interdisciplinary festival open to all critical artists.

Celebrating freedom of expression and designed as a real arts democracy, this festival is a critical response to the oppressive neoliberal worldview and all its billboard trucks, televisions, flyers, advertisements, jingles, made-for-TV Wars; and the depoliticisation of people through this diversionary Spectacle.

The infringement welcomes a variety of performances and cultural resistance: theatre groups, performers, street activism, political theatre, musicians, radical performance, visual artists, films, marginalized arts, spoken-word, puppet shows, disadvantaged groups, and anyone wishing to artistically infringe on the monoculture that creeps into every corner of our lives.

The festival aims to emphasize both critical practice in the arts, and artistic practice in activism. It also aims to provide a positive environment that encourages and nurtures critical art.

To avoid being co-opted, the infringement festival follows a mandate that looks like this:

1. The infringement festival is free for all artists and activists to participate in. The festival will never charge a registration fee and participants will keep 100% of their box office.

2. The festival is open to all critical artists and will never discriminate, set entry criteria or censor.

3. The festival is run as a non-hierarchical arts democracy.

4. The festival will only accept ethical companies that pose no conflict of interest as sponsors, as the interests of the festival’s participants come before those of the sponsors. (our criteria for ethical sponsorship is available here)

5. The festival will encourage, although not be limited to, progressive acts that encourage discussion and oppose oppressive structures.